Who Says You Can’t Have a Summer Body and Healthy Hair?

by Toyin Dada on August 01, 2022


Who Says You Can’t Have a Summer Body and Healthy Hair?

Let’s all be honest. When we set out to stay consistent at the gym, through aching muscles and trying to drink as many ounces of water as our instructor says we have to, we oftentimes forget to give our hair the care that we ought to. And the truth is that when you begin to go heavy on the workouts, that’s a time in which your hair needs even more care than usual.

This is why we sometimes end up thinking that our hair isn’t flourishing because we’ve been hitting the gym hard. (And then some of us use that as an excuse to quit the gym *guilty*). But the truth, again, is that we just aren’t following the basic rules of gym hair. 

Indeed, you can have both a sexy summer body and healthy hair. Here are some helpful tips to help you achieve this. 

Tip 1: Wrap Your Hair.

This tip is particularly great if you have natural or relaxed hair. Use a head wrap or headband to wrap around the sides and edges of your hair. This will help to retain your hair’s moisture levels. 

A headband with a satin lining is the most ideal for this as it will help to protect fragile strands and reduce moisture loss and hair breakage. And if you get an elastic one or one with Velcro, it’ll be so easy to snap it on with no hassle and get ahead with your workout. 

Tip 2: The Zero-calorie Bun.

Think of the hair prep you do when you’ve got a fresh blowout and have to take a shower. This is the same way you should be styling your hair for the gym. Before you work out, wear your hair in a bun to protect it and avoid any mishap with machinery. For braided hair, you should bun it up too or at least lift your hair into a ponytail. 

Pro-tip of the day: Spray some dry shampoo onto your hair before your workout. This will soak up excess oil and buildup. But never do this when your hair is wet post-workout. If you really want to, use a towel to soak up any lingering sweat in your hair before you use an oil-absorbing dry shampoo. 

Tip 3: Gym Hair Maintenance.

If your workouts are super hardcore and have you sweating buckets daily, I would recommend washing your hair, at most, every two weeks. The Bossette Hair Set is the perfect cleansing kit for gym hair. In addition, with key product ingredients like Moroccan oil and Jojoba oil, using our hair care collection will keep your hair clean, hydrated, healthy, and just as lovely as your cooking gym body. 




Never miss wearing a bonnet or scarf every night at bedtime. 

Frizz is super common with gym hair, so you may need to go in with some extra frizz-control products like an anti-frizz oil to tame your hair and maintain your hairstyles during your workouts.  

I don’t advise wearing a weave or wig during workouts as these can get extra sweaty and develop a bad smell, especially if you work out almost as much as an athlete. 

If you wear your hair with a leave-out, you’ll have to heat press your leave-out often because you’ve sweated it out. In this case, I’d recommend considering a gel product like the high-shine, non-greasy Bossette Edge Control, as opposed to using constant heat which can damage your hair over time. 



Now, go forth and get that summer body while also keeping your hair well-cared for!


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