Top 5 Lace Wigs You Need Today!

by Bossette Employee on August 01, 2022


Top 5 Lace Wigs You Need Today!

Choosing what wigs to add to your hair collection can be like navigating a minefield. It can be a very daunting decision, especially if you’re a beginner with wigs. What wigs will be hits? Which ones will be misses? Which units will look great on you and which ones won’t?

Wigs come in multiple variations of cuts, colors, styles, textures, hair materials, and caps, not to mention deciding what might suit you and what will look the most natural. It can be an arduous task finding your way through it all. But don’t worry, because in this post, I’ve made the best findings just for you! 

Below is a list of wigs that have consistently rated 10/10 by anyone who’s ever had the pleasure to own and wear them. They’re great wigs for beginners (especially if you want to mask as a pro), they look great on every face shape, can customized to any head size, and they’re the perfect wigs to elevate your look and lifestyle in a single, simple install. 

Here are the top 5 lace wigs you need today! 

1. Goddess Natural Wave.

Embody the aura of a goddess with this natural wave wig. This saucy wig holds a great natural curl and can be easily straightened. If you straighten this unit and want your curls back afterward, give it a good spritz of water and watch it bounce back to its natural curly state! This wig is 100% raw human hair, comes pre-plucked with baby hairs, and can be worn glueless. 




2. Rich Godiva.

Want to nail that rich, royal diva look? Then the Rich Godiva is your master key. This unit screams new money like nothing else. And because it is a full lace unit with 100% human hair, pre-plucked with baby hairs too, you can have and style it any way you like. You get to call the shots—embrace your inner rich diva.


3. Snazzy Straight.

Straight hair always screams class and sass. It doesn’t get sassier or bossier than the Snazzy Straight fringe wig. This is the wig you want to have on when you step in to command a room or step out to make Bossette moves. It is the perfect length, the perfect texture, and the perfect style for a Boss woman like you. 




4. Miss Merlot.

Turn heads and grab mass attention with the Merlot wine wig. This is the wig of luxury, of cocktail parties and VIP events. In truth, everyone needs a red wig, and Miss Merlot is the best choice out there. The unit is 100% virgin human hair with transparent thin Swiss lace, baby hairs, and a pre-plucked natural hairline.


5. Champagne Swirls.

Boss women are BOLD. So take a bold step and take your hair game to the next level with the Champagne swirls unit. Remember that brunettes may do it better, but blondes certainly have more fun! This unit is made with 100% raw human hair, baby hairs, and a pre-plucked natural hairline. It’s the perfect blonde wig for the ladies who are willing to get Champagne Bold. 




Pro-tip of the day: Use a flat iron on your wig or wefts following this entire process. The heat will seal in the silicone spritz and give your revived hair a really glossy finish. 


Boss Up Today!

Want to feel like the boss lady you are and take full control of your life? 

The best place to begin is by looking the part. Bossette Hair will have you looking and feeling like the queen bee that you are. So are you ready to boss up? Download our app today and shop our stunning, luxurious hair collections right now!




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