Top 10 Hairstyles for Summer 2022!

by Toyin Dada on August 01, 2022


Hello Summer!

It’s officially the season of beach parties, bikinis galore, brunch dates 7 days a week, and for some, trips that will make the most memorable moments of their summer. Just like your summer outfits, your summer hairstyles are also exceedingly important. You’ll want to have the best summer photos to reminisce with and the last thing you’ll want is for your hair to mess those up.

So in this post, I’ve browsed through the leading hair trends for Summer 2022 and picked out 10 of the best hairstyles for your to rock this summer. These summer hairstyles will keep you looking cute, hot, and summer-stunning whether you’ll be swimming, surfing, partying, out on a yacht in Greecefor whatever you’ll be doing during these super sunny months!



1. Passion Twists.

Thinking of summer love? There’s nothing more passionate than these twists. They’re similar to locs but lighter, more butterfly-like, and the best part—you can have them at any length you want!


2. Knotless Braids.

Or the Coi Leray braids, as someone once called them on Tiktok. These make the perfect lightweight summer style. You’ll still be able to feel the beach breeze on your scalp, but your hair’s going to look super stylish all the while you have these braids on.




3. Goddess Braids.

There’s no better style to hit the beach with than these wavy-tipped braids. Whether you’re going for a beach babe or midnight beauty vibe this summer, goddess braids are going to have you looking just right. And don’t we all just love that classy piled-up-with- a-claw-clip look when achieved with these braids? It is the definition of fabulous!


4. Stitch braids + Bun.

This is one of the easiest summer hairstyles to maintain because it’s already fully styled. All you’ve got to do is sleek your edges down and you’re good to go. I particularly love this style for summer because it keeps hair out of the face, which is a big godsend when the weather gets unbearably hot.




5. Feed-in braids.

Yes, you must have noticed that braids are very much in this summer. And I just have to mention yet another great hairstyle that’ll keep you looking on point just like Ryan Destiny and keep your hair from bugging you.


6. Body Waves.

This is a summer style that you can achieve if you have long natural hair, or by installing a gorgeous wig. It’s the perfect beach-y style for a summer date night (maybe with a view of a shimmery ocean too). It’s also really easy to maintain with the right tools and tricks.




7. Bantu Knots.

Or space buns—whichever is more achievable with your hair type, love. Bantu knots are an awesome year-round hairstyle, especially for the girls that love a gorgeous natural style. They make a great protective hairstyle for the summer to ensure that your hair isn’t losing a ton of moisture while you frolic in the sun. Plus, if you ever want to take your Bantu knots down, you can also get a fluffy, loose-curl- definition style afterward. Talk about a handy two-in-one!


8. Wolf-Cut.

Seen the wolf-cut videos on Tiktok? They’re a huge trend this year and this is simply because the haircut looks breathtaking once you curl it up. It’s the perfect party hairstyle if your summer plans mostly involve getting acquainted with a new DJ every day.




9. Buzz cut.

Take the deep dive and let your hair down, literally. Summertime is the best time to start anew with a fresh buzz cut. It’s the most weather-friendly style this season. Plus if you throw in some color, you’ll never be able to forget the summer that you cut your hair short and dyed it red.


10. Colors!

I just had to highlight this trend further. Switching hair colors is in this summer, and so this is your sign to get that dye job you’ve always wanted. Don’t be scared to go for a daring palm-tree green, or if you prefer to just dip your toes in, try the popular barely blonde, sun-kissed highlights.




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