How to Revive Old Hair Extensions at Home.

by Bossette Employee on August 01, 2022


How to Revive Old Hair Extensions at Home.

One of the most asked questions in the world of hair and beauty is Can my old hair extensions really be revived?

The answer to that is yes, and if you already knew that, I’ll tell you something even better. Reviving your old wigs and hair extensions is a process that you can carry out on your own! You don’t have to make that long trip to your hair salon and pay hundreds of dollars to breathe life back into your old wigs and hair extensions.

Isn’t that awesome? 

Well in this post, I’ll be giving you the step-by-step DIY method for wig and extension revival that you can easily carry out from the comfort of your own home. Everyone knows that buying hair extensions is an investment and one that you want to really look after. So the method and tips I’ll be providing will also enable you to make your set(s) last even longer and keep looking gorgeous all through their lifespan. 

Step 1:

Fill a bowl or your sink with warm water and add a few pumps of a great hair extension shampoo. I recommend the Bossette Shampoo as it contains amazing hair ingredients that are gentle and nourishing. 

Swish the shampoo into the water with your fingers until it’s fully mixed. Once that is done, you can then begin washing your wig or hair extensions in the shampoo mix. With your hair extensions, do this weft by weft while making sure not to tangle the hair in the water. Taking it one weft at a time will equally help you to complete this step without causing any tangles or knots in the hair. 

After you’ve cleaned the hair thoroughly (yet gently!), rinse it out in a fresh bowl of water.




Step 2:

This time, fill your bowl or sink with boiling water and add two tablespoons of conditioner. For this step, I recommend the Bossette Conditioner as it contains ingredients like Moroccan Oil and Jojoba Oil which deliver a luxurious shine and softness to hair. Also, add a drop of silicone spritz to the water. This is amazing for reviving your hair extensions and will also add moisture and shine to them. 

The boiling water will help to open the hair cuticles and cleanse the hair while allowing the hair conditioners and silicone to deeply nourish your set and repair any damage. 

Place your full set into the water and use a spoon to make sure the hair is fully submerged. Leave it in for 10 minutes (set a timer for precision purposes) so that it can work deep into the hair. When the 10 minutes is up, carefully take your set out of the water and place your wefts in a flat pile on a hair towel.


Step 3:

Pick out your favorite nourishing hair mask and apply it to the hair (do this weft by weft for your hair extensions).  

Every product you choose and use should be designed to add as much moisture as possible back into the hair. This is what will really help to revive your old hair pieces. 

Once you’ve applied the mask, leave this on the hair for 30 minutes (set your timer again). Afterward, rinse the hair out thoroughly in cold water. The cold water will help to close the hair cuticles and seal in all the moisture that has been added back into the hair. Again, rinse weft by weft gently to avoid tangling the hair in the water.


Step 4:

Lay the hair completely flat on a towel (weft by weft for extensions). Gently remove any tangles using a tangle teezer or a wide tooth comb. Start from the ends of the hair and gently work your way up to avoid causing any damage to the wet hair.  

When you’re done, apply a spritz of silicone to add an extra boost of moisture before leaving the hair to dry overnight. In the morning—or when the hair is completely dry, prep it with a heat protectant before going in to style the hair to your taste!

Pro-tip of the day: Use a flat iron on your wig or wefts following this entire process. The heat will seal in the silicone spritz and give your revived hair a really glossy finish. 


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